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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Daunting Roads Lie Ahead

As I expressed in my previous post, the chest has inspired me to take on new, and interesting projects. Right now, I have many many projects that all must be finished before Christmas, including a stuffed hedgehog I need to whip up tonight and tomorrow. But after those are done, I intend to start (though I secretly want to begin tonight...) on a wrap sweater for myself, taken from the book Stitch and Bitch. My friend and I just returned from a yarn store up in Hartford called the Fabric Place. Though the patten called for Rowan (which I think is a delicious brand) the store didn't happen to have Rowan (though it did have quite a bit of Berrocco, which I also adore) so I had to use a substitute. What I found was a cotton baby yarn in cream that suited my tastes.

Though I have made stuffed animals, pillows, scarves, hats and a handful of other projects, I have never made a sweater before, and I'm a little wary. I'm not really a gauge and block kind of knitter - I just estimate and go. However, while this works perfectly fine for blankets and scarves, it doesn't work quite so well with a sweater, especially if I want it to fit me well. So, I suppose I can't use my fly by night method this time around. I'm really looking forward to the finished project though, I just have to finish all the others first!

Supplies: 9 balls of Shepherd Baby Wool four-ply (50g, 170m) in 053, size 2 knitting needle, size 3 knitting needle
Cost: $53.00 ($5/ball)


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