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Monday, January 15, 2007

Blue and Green Birthday

For my friend Jess's birthday yesterday, I started knitting her a blue and green scarf. It's in a feather and fan pattern that really just looks like a chevron, and I think it's nice, but I think that it would look better in a different type of yarn. This is mainly because the two yarns I'm holding together don't have a great drape to them and the result is a pretty bumpy scarf. I'm thinking of ripping it out and redoing it with some other yarns, but I need to take a trip to the yarn store to see what's available.

Also, I already went up from size 8 needles to size 10, but I think I might need to go up even higher. The unfortunate result of this will be that the scarf is even wider (it's a 38 cast on and there's not really room for budging) and I don't think that will end up looking very feminine. the yarn store it looks like I'll be going tonight to explore!


At 12:51 PM, Anonymous Lucinda said...

Well said.


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