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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm so glad I have about three other projects I'm working on at the moment because this Andre the Giant scarf has me positively bored! If the entire piece had been the crazy intarsia, that would have been fun, but now that part's over, and I'm left with creating a long, black tube that makes up the majority of the scarf. The stitches are tiny (I'm working on size 5 needles) and each row is 96 stitches around, so it's taking for-ev-er. If you've never knit a plain scarf in the round, let me spare you the anticipation - it's really boring. It's just the knit stitch over and over and over again. Blah.

In other news, I'm nearly done with the mulled wine and black scarf I started last weekend. I realized after finishing the middle section this morning (where I alternate between the colors) that I did it wrong, so I've got to rip out 30 rows or so and redo it.

I'm also working on a baby blanket for a friend at work. He just had a baby girl, and I am knitting him a baby blanket in hot pink baby alpaca silk dk, so it will be super soft and super warm. The pattern is from Hand Knits for the Home but I altered it so it would be larger (approx. 32 x 40) and instead of featuring a repeating star pattern it will have little hearts. It's going slow as well (it is 185 stitches across), but at least it's interesting. The edge is done in moss stitch and the interior features rows of hearts (raised by using moss stitch again) surrounded by stockinette. I can't wait to show it off when it's done. Here's the yarn:


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