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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Unfinished Projects

Knitters are lofty, dreamlike creatures. We’re always gushing over (and buying new) yarns and patterns and thus, the well of what we need to finish piles up! Since I posted my to do list back in March, I have completed a number of projects, though I’ve added many more to my list!

Box stitch scarf
2 types of wrist warmers: shamrock and aran
clutch purse with aran stitches
blue shawl
Red and Black scarf
Irish Armwarmers
Toy for my fiance
Kitty bed
red and white pillow
Blanket for friend’s baby
Matt’s pillow
Takashi Murakami scarf (for me)
Secret knitting project

So, that’s kind of a lot. But…I did finish these! ::grin::

Green and white scarf
Irish armwarmers (see below)


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