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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Pots

For the last 4 weeks, I've been taking a pottery class where I learned to throw on the wheel. I made ten items, and here are the first four that have come out of the kiln. They're certainly not perfect, but I enjoyed the process as it was a lot of fun once I got the hang of it - honestly I did want to quit a few times...but I'm glad I stuck it through.

My fiance's new mug

"S" says soy sauce. Yum!

This was my favorite bowl till I trimmed off the bottom. Oops. Maybe I'll put a mirror in the bottom and hang it on the wall.

A wacky little pot

Over the Mountains and through the snow...

Or they could be at the same time I's a pic I snapped that I love that's from my trip out to Los Angeles a few weeks ago.


No, I didn't stop knitting - or blogging for that matter - I've just been frantically trying to finish a commission for a friend - a shawl for his mother (for mother's day - oops). I just gave it to him on Tuesday and I can't wait to hear what his mother has to say about it! It was a pattern from (great site, btw) and I knitted it in a light blue from Debbie Bliss that was a blend of silk and cotton. I didn't think it would take so long, which is why it was late, but I'm happy with the way it came out.

It's long!

A closeup of the pattern